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Honours Performance Series 2018

McMaster’s School of the Arts’ Honours Performance Series features work of students from the graduating class of the Theatre and Film Studies program working in collaboration with third year student designers. Each year the HPS productions reflect the interests and creativity of the current generation of McMaster students. With support from the “Tribute to Theresa Elspeth Pierrynowski Fund.”

because i am not a girl or a boy

because I am not a girl or a boy is a visual and poetic expression of how individual identity is constantly assembling, disassembling, and reassembling.  Specifically focused on queer, femme, black, spiritual identity: because i’m not a girl or a boy invites the audience to experience and question the idea that identity is static and originates solely from the body. This performance piece combines installation art, poetry, movement, sound art, and multimedia.

CREATED BY: Jamie Milay


SHOWS AT: 12:30pm, 2:30pm, 7pm and 9pm

*Note: 40-person capacity; first come, first served




SHAPED is a devised performance piece that takes an intimate look at how degrading perceptions of women in western society affect individual women on deeply personal levels. Based on the lived experiences of its creators, SHAPED explores the struggles that women face within themselves as they strive to exist in a world that constantly works to confine them into something less than what they are.

CREATED BY: Rose Mergler and Brianna Seferiades


March 15: 12:30pm and 9pm

March 16: 2:30pm and 7pm




A state of emptiness and shock that lingers. A moment that disorders the silence. Told through the hybrid of dance and theatre, Repave is an experimental piece that reflects on how our bodies, memories, and souls grapple with sexual abuse, trauma and alpha-masculinity.

CREATED BY: Warren Kang


March 15: 2:30pm and 7pm

March 16: 12:30pm and 9pm




A Date with Death

A customer enters the Dead-End Cafe with a reservation for two. He is determined to propose to his long-time girlfriend. It all seems perfectly ordinary…’till I feel an ominous, spine-chilling wind, as his sweetheart Death walks into the cafe.

CREATED BY: Sean McAndrew and Ana Laura Araujo Caro


March 22: 12:30pm and 9pm

March 23: 2:30pm and 7pm





In 2028, at the peak of a devastating economic crisis, Governor General Caroline Wright declares martial law and establishes a military dictatorship to rule over Canada. Twenty years later, a coalition of rebel groups launch a massive operation to overthrow Wright’s regime in an attempt to restore the country to democracy. Rebel leaders Vivian and Peter hold Wright hostage as they work to dismantle her regime.

CREATED BY: Mike Scalera and Brianna Unger


March 22: 2:30pm and 7pm

March 23: 12:30pm and 9pm


Getting to the L. R. Wilson Hall

The Honours Performance Series will take place in the newly constructed L. R. Wilson Hall. The Black Box Theater is on the main floor.

McMaster Campus Map. Enter campus from Sterling Street. As you approach campus, to your left is the L. R. Wilson building with underground parking; to your right are several more parking lots.  The newly constructed Wilson Hall is now located at number 74 on the campus map.

Parking rates can be found here.