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Theatre & Film Studies


We live in a world where performance is everywhere. From Hollywood films to Fringe theatre productions, from political rallies to smartphone videos, we relate to the world by performing and by observing the performances of others. Opportunities to analyze and consciously create performances, Theatre & Film Performance Studies prepare students to succeed in our increasingly complex social world.

Theatre and Film Studies is a liberal arts program that integrates critical analysis with experiential learning. We study performance in a range of media, cultures, and historical periods. Students learn to critically engage with the processes of conception, design, production, and reception of theatre, film, performance art, video art, and with the performativity of our everyday lives. Our experiential learning courses use current devised theatre practices to engage students with performance through studio work and public productions. All our courses encourage students to adopt inventive and critical perspectives on creative processes and foster collaborative understandings of artistic creation.

Students in the Theatre & Film Performance Studies program learn to integrate:

  • critical and creative learning,
  • leading and collaborating,
  • self-reflection and social consciousness,
  • purposeful action and adaptability,

as well as to embrace the benefits of a diversity of cultural understandings.

Students from our program succeed in a wide range of professions, including as academics, actors, art administrators, community leaders, theatre directors, playwrights, film producers and directors, television announcers, lawyers, librarians, doctors, and teachers.

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