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The programs in Music at McMaster are designed to meet students’ needs in performance and education and to provide academic opportunities that are both challenging and exciting. We feature small classes and individual attention to enable students to reach their full potential.

We pride ourselves on innovative teaching methods supported by the latest technology, and in providing a friendly, supportive environment with approachable, caring faculty. Our curriculum is designed to offer students considerable input into the structure of their degree.

The Music program gives students a thorough grounding in the four fundamental areas of music instruction – theory, general musicianship, history, and performance – and allows students who are interested in teaching careers to specialize in Music Education, while those interested in academic studies and graduate school may emphasize such topics as Music History and Music Theory.

Students may also choose our groundbreaking new specialization in Music Cognition, which explores exciting new research into how music is perceived in the brain and how music intersects with other aspects of intellectual development.

Available Programs

  • Honours Music (B.Mus.)
  • Honours Music (B.Mus.) (Music Cognition Specialization)
  • Combined Honours in Music and Another Subject (B.A.)
  • Music (B.A.)
  • Minor in Music


Entrance into the Music program is dependent on students meeting the Faculty of Humanities admission requirements and passing an audition. The Music audition consists of an ear-training test and performance (the minimum level required for both equates to Royal Conservatory of Music Honours Grade 8), as well as a theory test (equivalent to RCM Advanced Rudiments).


How to Apply

Step 1:Apply through OUAC (Ontario Universities Application Centre) at Use the special program code for MUSIC at McMaster: MM.

(Your grades must meet the minimum average required for entry into McMaster’s Faculty of Humanities.)

Step 2: Book your audition and find out more information about the process.

Performance Opportunities

All Music programs at McMaster involve performance. There are many opportunities to perform in public, such as the Student Concert Series for soloists and chamber groups. Some opportunities include:

  • McMaster Chamber Orchestra
  • McMaster Concert Band
  • McMaster Flute Ensemble
  • McMaster Jazz Band
  • McMaster Percussion Ensemble
  • McMaster University Choir
  • McMaster Women’s Choir

Music students at McMaster are also exposed to a wide range of world-class artists. These include free lunchtime concerts and the Celebrity Concert Series. The series brings top caliber international musicians to McMaster, whose musical styles range from the standard repertoire to recent music, jazz, early music, and world music.


Brand New Concert Hall

Central to the brand new L.R. Wilson Hall building is our state-of-the-art Concert Hall, bringing phenomenal acoustics to the heart of campus. The Concert Hall will be the home of numerous concert and music performances, in addition to the new practice spaces in L.R. Wilson Hall

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