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The Friends of Art History at McMaster

The Friends of Art History was founded in 2010 to offer a series of events for its members and the general public. Our goal is to promote the appreciation of Art History at McMaster and in its broader community.  The Friends is an international organization that spans all ages and includes current students, faculty, alumni/ae, and the general public.  Donations support: a visiting speaker’s series, visiting professionals who foster career development for students of Art History, student research projects, and an informal program of Art History lectures for a general audience.

McMaster was the first university in Canada to offer Art History courses and these began in the 1930s with a Carnegie grant.  As is the case for many universities today, it is not possible for budgets to sustain activities in all areas.  The Friends of Art History seeks to offer support for education in the discipline and to foster Art History events for students and the community. Click to download the Friends of Art History.doc file with information on how to become a Friend.

List of Donors to the Friends of Art History:

Stacy Ackroyd-Stolarz
Gerten Basom
Mary Ann Bastien
Dorian Batycka
Adam Belovari
Jeff Boulton
Megan Callaway
N. Gillian Cooper
Barbara A. Cooper
Sandy DaCosta
Greg Davies
Charles Davies
Ema Di Gallo
Joseph Diletti
Laura DiMarco
Nicole Dolson
Glen & Deborah Eker
Eva Feldmann
Ariel Fisher
C.J. Foote
Amy Furness
John Geoghegan
Reg & Louise Gilmore
Alyssa Haggarty
Cynthia Hammond
Maureen Hayman
Samantha Huisbrink-Mooney
Peg Kelly
Julia Kollek
Alyson Lamanes
Sarah & Darren Lampson
Amanda Langis
Andrea Lehocki
Maxwell & Grace Longfield
Jean & Randy Longfield
Diane Maranger
Laura Marotta
Mie McElcheran
Alison McQueen
Rod McQueen
Carole Mierins
Joseph Macdonald & Krystina Mierins
Jasmina Mrkalj-Skelly
Paul & Marlene Musiol
Ariana Musiol
Tamara Nolan
Kelsey Phillips
Gloria Pizio & Ross Wigle
Marcela Prikryl
Valeska Ramsay
Ed Sernie
Matt Sparling
Carolyne Sparling
Yvonne Trussler
Desirée Valadares
Stephanie Vegh
Allyson Wenzowski


And numerous donors who wish to remain anonymous.