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McMaster Ensembles

McMaster Ensembles: Make Music Your Forté! Auditions are open to all McMaster students, irrespective of Faculty or Program and can be used for academic credit upon successful audition!

NEW Theatre & Film Studies Course: THTRFLM 1FT3: Breaking into Film & Television. A seasoned screenwriter and producer takes you behind the Hollywood curtain.

Three exciting Art History courses are being offered — with open enrollment! Silk Road in the First Millennium, Contemporary Art & Visual Culture, and Introduction to Art Galleries and Museums.

“The evidence, although it’s only a pilot study, is really positive and supportive that music and dance has this solid, beneficial effect on people with PD.”

Congratulations to Studio Art faculty Carmela Laganse (winner of the Established Arts Award) and Briana Palmer (winner of the Arts Innovation Award), celebrated at the City of Hamilton Arts Awards.