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“The evidence, although it’s only a pilot study, is really positive and supportive that music and dance has this solid, beneficial effect on people with PD.”

Congratulations to Studio Art faculty Carmela Laganse (winner of the Established Arts Award) and Briana Palmer (winner of the Arts Innovation Award), celebrated at the City of Hamilton Arts Awards.

The School of the Arts – McMaster University invites you to participate in a 2-day professional development workshop on July 2nd / 3rd 2019!

New course this fall! Designing Paradise. Explore eco concepts through creative projects, and more!

This year’s Bedford prize was awarded to Mathew Montani. Mathew wins a $1,000 scholarship, and will be playing at next spring’s Humanities Awards Assembly, where he will receive the Bedford Medal of Excellence in Piano Playing.

Recent Studio Art grad Deeshani Fernando is showcasing her work at the HAVN  Gallery, 26 Barton St. E., until May 13th. Reception May 9 from 6-9 pm.