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Mathew Montani – Music Writing Competition

Mathew Montani, a recent graduate from McMaster’s Music program and winner of 2019’s Bedford Piano Competition, has garnered third place in the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association’s Music Writing Competiton for 2020.

Students of ORMTA members in good standing are invited to submit their compositions to the ORMTA Music Writing Competition.  Students awarded first, second or third place in various classes based on age and genre are awarded scholarships.

Leon Karan B.Mus., MFA.RMT., Mathew’s piano instructor at McMaster University noted:  “Many  colleagues have given Matthew a friendly hand in his endeavours. I witnessed it and am happy to work with such a great team of colleagues at SOTA. It is still a long and not easy way for him ahead. Let’s wish him success in his musical life. It might come because he loves music and creativity in process as well.”

Mathew is the co-owner of the Hamilton Academy of Music, a music teaching business on the Hamilton Mountain. He has been working hard since his time at McMaster to develop both musically and professionally, and is pleased to receive third prize in this prestigious competition.

A selection of Mathew’s compositions can be found here: Mathew Montani – music selections.