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The Graham Todd Memorial Scholarship Exhibition

Now through April 2020

President’s Corridor, Gilmour Hall

The Graham Todd Memorial Scholarship was established in 2015 to honour the legacy of Professor Graham Todd of the School of the Arts.  It is awarded to a student entering Studio Art I who, in the judgement of the School of the Arts, has demonstrated artistic excellence and high academic achievement.

The President’s Corridor in Gilmour Hall features works of the late Graham Todd, along with student award winners, in celebration of the five-year anniversary of the award.

Student award recipients: Celine Jeong, Dean Hossack, Jillian Letten, Ally Thomas, Serena Walk and Nadia Woodside will display their work, alongside select works of Graham Todd, January – April 2020.

Photo: One of Thousands by Jillian Letten, Acrylic on panel 2019