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Liam the Therapy Dog – Portrait by Jillian Letten

Jillian Letten is a  student artist currently in her third year of an Honours Studio Art program at McMaster University pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  She was selected through a competition to produce a portrait of Liam, the Library Therapy Dog, to be hung in Mills Library. Jillian met Liam during a Level II drawing course, ART 2DG3. Liam provided therapy dog services to students at McMaster’s Mills Library for four years before his retirement in March  2019. During his service, Liam was often spotted around campus greeting students with Leeanne Romane, his friendly owner and learning support coordinator from the library instruction department. In his presence alone, Liam had the capabilities to bring a sense of joy to the students he visited, offering them a little escape from the highly stimulated and stressful environments of post secondary academia.

Liam had an impactful four years at McMaster University, providing companionship and relief to stressed homesick students. Though Liam is no longer active in service at the school, capturing his welcoming nature through art and portraiture serves as a lasting reminder of his supportive presence.