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Andrew O’Connor – Lost Illusions

Courtesy The Silhouette.  Donna Nadeem, contributor; Cindy Cui, photo editor

If you walk  by Centre3 for Print and Media Arts (173 James St. North), you will no longer be able to peek through the gallery’s front window at the usual art. Instead, you will see a black curtain and green leaves, setting the atmosphere for the forest that has grown inside.

From Sept. 5 to Oct. 3, Andrew O’Connor is exhibiting his sculptural, audiovisual installation, Lost Illusions — transporting visitors to Hamilton’s surrounding forests.

O’Connor is a Hamilton-based artist, VJ and designer whose work explores and blends light, video, 2D mixed media, animation and interactive installations. O’Connor completed his undergrad at McMaster University in 2012 with a double major in multimedia and studio arts. O’Connor has exhibited in Europe, the United States and around Canada and is a confounding member of  HAVN (26 Barton St. East).

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