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School of the Arts at 2019 Hamilton Arts Awards


Congratulations to Studio Art faculty Carmela Laganse (above left, winner of the Established Arts Award) and Briana Palmer (above right, winner of the Arts Innovation Award), celebrated at the City of Hamilton Arts Awards on June 13, 2019.  Pictured with Professors Laganse and Palmer is Taien Ng-Chan (winner of Media Arts Award).

Carmela Laganse creates interactive, portable, and modular environments in a variety of media that critically reflect on displacement, colonization, immigration and migration. Her work curiously unpacks the affects of these experiences and examines how they contribute to material culture as well as her own identity, quality of life and her ongoing education. Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Laganse now resides in Hamilton with her family and teaches at the School of the Arts at McMaster University.

Photo: Banko Media







Briana Palmer’s teaching, research and practice are deeply rooted in the western traditions of print media. Her approach is to consider the historical impact of the printing press, with regards to material process and the health of our society; to challenge social ideologies, perception and experience of conventional knowledge.

Photo: Banko Media




Many past School of the Arts graduates were also nominees or winners:
Jo Johnson (Arts Management Emerging Artist winner)
Abedar Kamgari (Arts Management Emerging Artist Nominee)
Amanda Dudnik (Arts Management Emerging Artist Nominee)
Becky Katz (Emerging Artist Nominee in Music)
Ted Basciano (Visual Art Emerging Artist Nominee)
Emily Hamel (Media Arts Emerging Artist Nominee)

Lastly,  School of the Arts graduates were instrumental in organizational or adjudication support for the event:
Leah Klein
Kearon Roy Taylor
Maria Simmons
Laura Bromwich
Amy McIntosh


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