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Award Winners SUMMA 2019

Graduating McMaster University BFA Student Exhibition
Guest Curator: Hitoko Okada

270 Sherman Ave N, Hamilton, ON L8L 6N4
April 6 – 17, 2019

Open hours are April 8 – 12, and April 16 – 17 from 11 am – 3 pm

Norah Andresen, Lucia Cackovic, Jayda Conti, Sean Cooper, Neville Dennis, Deeshani Fernando, Safiyyah Figaro, Deanna Gallo, Meghan Giudice, Andjelija Jancic, Emily Kester, Katherine A. Laird, Caroline Eun-ae Lee, Anthony Lok, Robyn McCallum, Delaney McVeigh, Audrey Pearson, Josh Ravenhill, Jason Lee Rhyno

Award winners (sponsored by the McMaster Museum of Art):

Curator’s Choice Award – Safiyyah Figaro

Faculty Choice Award – Caroline Lee

People’s Choice Award – Lucia Cackovic

Since entering the McMaster Studio Art program in 2015, our class has developed and grown as individuals and as a group. There is harmony found within the juxtaposition of our individual concepts, thoughts, and ideas. By contrasting one another, we make way to highlight the individuality of each respective artist; not overpowering each other, but forming a melodic equilibrium. With the elements of our art practices merging and influencing one another, Counterpoint is a commemoration of experiences and artistic endeavours.
– The McMaster BFA Class of 2019

Follow the graduating class on Instagram @mcmastersumma2019 for photos on the show.