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Transforming the School of the Arts

This fall a wide ranging discussion with faculty, students, staff, alumni and members of the broader community will focus on how to best deliver art programs at McMaster.

“The University has a strong commitment to the creative and performing arts,” said Provost David Farrar. “There is no question that commitment will continue and with recent investments in new McMaster facilities such as Wilson Hall, new liberal arts initiatives such as Socrates, the rise of digital art forms, and Hamilton’s strong arts focus it is the perfect time to determine how best to offer arts programs at the University.”

An external review of the structure of the School of the Arts was undertaken this spring and included many conversations with students, faculty, staff and administrators. Now, there will be further opportunity for the community to collaborate with a goal of transforming the delivery of arts programming at McMaster.

Read more about this initiative in a statement from Provost David Farrar