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Scholarship Winners at Hamilton Music Festival

McMaster piano instructor Leon Karan mentors winners.  At this year’s Hamilton Music Festival, two of his students garnered scholarships and recommendations to compete in the provincials.  World renowned pianist Clark Bryan adjudicated.

Gloria Kunrong Li, a 12-year-old private student of Mr. Karan’s, performed Concerto Romantique by C. Rollin.

Kevin Chen is a student in McMaster’s Science program, and working on his Post-Associate designation of Royal Conservatory of Music.  At the festival, he won in all classes of the most advanced levels with: Bach-Busoni’s Chaconne in D Minor, Brahms’ Intermezzos, Op. 118, No. 1 and 2, Kuzmenko’s In Memoriam to the Victims of Chernobyl, and Beethoven’s Sonata #17 Tempest.

Congratulations to Mr. Karan and his students!