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The Jaipur Ramayana: A Talk With Dr. Monolina Bhattacharyya

Monolina Bhattacharyya obtained her PhD in Art History from University of Minnesota. Her specialization is South Asian art and Architecture.  She also obtained her MA from the same University with a specialization in Islamic art and architecture.  Monolina has been a Fulbright Scholar, Junior Fellow of the Indian Council of Historical Research, and Fellow of the American Institute of Indian Studies.  She obtained her BA and MA in History from Jadavpur University, Calcutta (India) topping the merit list in both, with University gold medals.

Monolina has taught at McMaster University, most recently in the Art History department, and previously in Religious Studies, and worked in leading museums in Minnesota, Quebec and Ontario.  Her research interests focus on issues of cultural negotiation and identity in art and architectural practice.  Currently Monolina has been engaged in research in the areas of popular, contemporary and folk arts.  She has participated in academic conferences and offered several public lectures on a varied range of topics that address both art historical practice and methodology.

Tuesday, February 27th at 7:30 pm in MDCL 2232