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The following exhibition is currently on display in the President’s Corridor, located on the second floor of Gilmour Hall outside GH-238.

Hallucinatory Landscapes

The images in this exhibition are selections of work generated by students in Art/MMedia 3PC3 (Photographic Collage and Composite Images) over the Fall 2015 semester. These creative projects engage with ideas of the “photographic falsifier,” hybridity, and montage: looking at ways in which new meaning is generated when image fragments from different times and places – each maintaining something of its familiar photographic appearance and original signification – are put into conversation.

Art/MMedia 3PC3 is a Level III production course exploring the theory and practice of collage and composite image-making (both analog and digital). The course brings together students from the Departments of Studio Art and Multimedia.

The works will be exhibited until April 15th.


Artists in the Exhibition

Gillian Bochenek
Ryan Bruer

Catherine Chambers

Matthew Chau

Amy Chauhan

Gustavo Costa
Camelia Mcleod

Whyishnave Suthagar

Alex Walker

Elaine Westenhoefer


Professor: Chris Myhr




Chris Myhr
Assistant Professor
Communication Studies and Multimedia
School of the Arts
McMaster University
(905) 525 9140 (ext 23930)