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What do you get when you put a bunch of feminists and womanists in a room with one theme, laptops, collage supplies, scanners, cameras, food and 3 hours?

You get issue 4 of FIERCE.

This week Friday, FIERCE we will be hosting our first ever Zine Challenge where we will attempt to build a magazine from scratch in just 3 hours and then publish the issue the very same weekend.

The working title for issue 4 is called “#Ms.Chief“ and in it we will discuss topics related to women pursing online entrepreneurial ventures – so if you instagram, youtube, have a fb page, tumble or blog then it would be so rad if you joined us to make this magazine happen.

MINI RECAP this event is for you if:

– You are looking to gain experience in article writing, editing, photographing or art directing for a student-run magazine
– Are interested in discussing all things feminism, business and internet
– Have 3 hours to spare THIS Friday, March 18th (from 7pm to 10pm)
– Enjoy snacks and good company wink emoticon

So if you want to attend the event please RSVP by clicking the attend button on this fb page because we can only hold 30 people

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