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McMaster School of the Arts presents David Yee’s Lady in the Red Dress

webimage-gitrd01The McMaster School of the Arts presents this year’s Fall Major Production of Lady in the Red Dress, by David Yee, directed by Peter Cockett, on-stage in the Robinson Memorial Theatre November 12th-14th, 18th-21st, 2015.

David Yee dedicated this play ‘to the 81,000 Chinese who paid the Head Tax, to the countless number who were kept from their families and loved ones during the Exclusion, to those who died building the foundation of this country only to be disavowed and forgotten. Set in a gritty world of institutionalized racism, the play follows a Canadian government negotiator, Max Lochran, whose aggressive stance cannot save him from the attentions of the Lady in the Red Dress. A mysterious femme fatale, she makes Max face the harm done by Canada’s treatment of the Chinese workers who helped build this country. Lady in the Red Dress is a comic-book revenge drama about skeletons in our national closet and the consequences of our inactions.

Director Peter Cockett says: “Lady in the Red Dress invites a healthy reappraisal of how Canada came to be the country it is today. Yee’s play insists we acknowledge the past suffering of Chinese Canadians before we can build a better future.”   Press Release Lady in the Red Dress



WHERE: Robinson Memorial Theatre, McMaster University, 1280 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 4L8
TICKETS: Regular $ 20 /  Student $9 November 12-14;   Regular  $20 / Student $12 November 18-21