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  • Winter term will be online

    Ensuring the health and safety of the McMaster community

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  • Director Harris Goldberg, from La La Land to Steeltown

    “After 30 years in the swallow-you-up, spit-you-out… land of Hollywood, California, I am finally, blessedly, back in my homeland of glorious Hamilton, Ontario.”

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  • THTRFLM 2JJ3: New Harris Goldberg course for Winter!

    Practical tools and realistic understanding on the Business of Writing in Film & TV in today’s world.

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  • ART 3EA3: New this Winter!

    Dr. Stephanie Springgay, instructor. Exploring social practice and community-engaged art with diverse publics. Register now!

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  • Introducing Syrus Marcus Ware

    Joining SOTA’s Theatre and Film Studies program, Ware is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator whose work explores our understanding of gender, sexuality and race.

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  • Music Courses for non-Music Program Students

    Several level 3 and 4 seats are available to those with music experience. Inquire now!

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  • Documentary, Politics, & Social Change: new course this winter!

    Dr. Beth Marquis, instructor. Theatre & Film 3QA3 examines critical approaches to the social function of nonfiction film and performance. Register now!

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  • Introducing SOTA’s New Director: Dr. Stephanie Springgay

    Faculty, staff and students extend a warm welcome to the newly appointed Director of the School of the Arts.

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  • Transforming the School of the Arts

    Provost David Farrar talks about transforming the delivery of arts programming at McMaster.

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School of the Arts


Welcome to the School of the Arts (SOTA) where we offer intensive programs in Studio Art, Art History, Music & Music Cognition and Theatre & Film Studies.

Our Vision

Empower students to act as engaged global citizens who contribute to the transformative roles of the arts in society.

Our Mission

To offer niche programs in Art, Art History, Music and Theater & Film Studies in an interdisciplinary School of the Arts supported by staff and faculty dedicated to high quality teaching and research.  Through close connection with faculty we promote excellence in artistic production in all its diverse forms, as well as critical, theoretical analysis and study in historical and contemporary contexts.

Our Values

Through creative arts practices, critical analysis and experiential learning we ignite curiosity and inspire students to question and engage as contributors in their immediate communities and broader society.  Our values are rooted in a commitment to diversity and multi-faceted learning experiences.

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