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Hamilton Now: Object

An exhibition that focuses mainly on sculptors, featuring works from faculty Carmela Laganse, past graduate and instructor Laura Marotta, Donna Akrey and Melissa Bennett (curator). December 8 – May 20.

The politics of social memory and forgetting: who, what and how some events are knowable, while others are not. February 27, 12:15-1:15 pm in KTH-308.

Come celebrate the end of term with a holiday concert. Sara Traficante, director, flutes. Mike Schutz, director, percussion. Tuesday, December 4th at 7 pm in the new Concert Hall. Free admission!

Serenades & Sonatas

Suzanne Shulman and Erica Goodman will be debuting their CD at LIVELab on Dec. 6. For every ticket sold, $5 will be donated to the Student Research Award in memory of Dr. David Gerry.