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Humanities Teaching Assistant Award Winner: Joey Tang

The CUPE 3906 TA/RA awards recognize one Teaching Assistant from each faculty.  This year’s TA Award for the Faculty of Humanities is Music program graduate Joey Tang (Hons. B. Mus., B. Sc.).

Successful candidates receive a certificate recognizing their excellence, a letter of acknowledgement from the CUPE 3906 Executive Committee, and a cheque for $200.00.  Members may be nominated by their students, supervising Professor, or other TAs.

Joey’s supervising Professor, Dr. Lara Housez, wrote the following support letter:

I am very pleased to strongly support the nomination of Joey Tang for a CUPE 3906 Teaching Assistant Award. As the instructor of Music 1A03 and Music 1AA3, I have worked closely with Joey. He is one of the best TAs that I have supervised and his efforts deserve campus-wide recognition. He consistently demonstrated many strengths: he is reliable, shows initiative, works well independently, delivers lectures to large classes with confidence and enthusiasm, and models impeccable attendance. And, his easygoing nature, good humour, and strong communication skills put students at ease and help create a classroom environment that welcomes active participation and involvement.

Joey started the school year assigned to Dr. David Gerry who originally taught Music 1A03. When David fell ill and could no longer teach, Joey took over the reins of the course; he lectured several times, provided students with individual instruction, and even administered and graded by hand 250 short-answer midterms—all on his own. When I stepped in to instruct the remainder of that course, Joey made the transition between professors as seamless as possible for students. He brought me up to speed and made the difficult situation much easier. And, he did all of this at a time when David, his own mentor, teacher, and friend, was facing a terrible diagnosis.

In Music 1AA3, Joey met regularly with students outside of class time, administered quizzes efficiently with Top Hat, posted grades on Avenue promptly, and volunteered to deliver two full lectures of course material. In both cases, he adopted a positive, lively style of delivery that made the dense content engaging and easily accessible to students. In review sessions, he demonstrated a high level of comfort with the material as he answered live questions and fielded those posted on Top Hat carefully and thoroughly.

In closing, I would like to state again my strong support for Joey’s nomination. He is a hard-working, remarkable young man who is an excellent, caring teacher and will no doubt go on to be an effective, passionate educator.

Congratulations, Joey, and best of luck in your future endeavours!