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Check out SOTA’s Spring/ Summer 2017 Courses!

These engaging courses are now available for enrolment on Mosaic, offered by the School of the Arts:


ART 1UI3 – Making Art & Understanding Images

ART 3FW3 – Fieldwork: On-Site Exploration

THTRFLM 1T03- Theatre, Cinema & Society

MUSIC 1A03 – Intro: History of Music I

THTRFLM 3PR3 – Text Based Devising R & D

MUSIC 2F03 – Music: Film & TV

MUSIC 2II3- Popular Music Post WW2

ART HIST 2AA3 – Intro: Practice of Art Therapy


Please refer to McMaster’s Undergraduate course listings for information about course schedules and descriptions, prerequisites, anti-requisites and course fees.