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Art History Essay Prize Winners

humanities-essay-awardEach year the Faculty of Humanities awards prizes for outstanding essays.  The Art History program is proud to announce that students in two of its classes were awarded the prizes for essays in Level I and Level II courses for 2015-16.

Laura Facciolo received the Level I essay prize for Jewish & Early Christian Art and Byzantine Art: Mosaics of the 6th Century, the paper she wrote for Art History 1A03 World Art and Cultural Heritage I.  Dr. Sabine Noak-Haley encouraged Laura to enter her paper in the competition and Laura was eager to do so because of her experience in the course: “In the process of writing, I fell in love with Art History itself, which was a memorable moment for me in terms of my academic journey thus far.  I wanted to share not only my words, but also the origin of my passion for history.”

Christina Ugge was also encouraged by her professor, Dr. Devin Therien, to enter the essay she wrote for Art History 2I03 Renaissance Art.  Christina’s paper Albrecht Durer’s St. Jerome in His Study: the Ways of Seeing in Renaissance Europe won first place in the Level II category.  Christina said, “I entered my Art History paper because I fell in love with the subject I researched, and wanted to share with others what piqued my interest.”

Congratulations to Laura Facciolo, Christina Ugge and the instructors in the Art History program for the high calibre of their work!

For more information on the Humanities Essay Competition, please visit: http://humawards.humanities.mcmaster.ca/2016/07/22/humanities-essay-competition-winners/